Current and Past Programs

Book Drive

Partnered with Books for Africa as well as established organizations in Africa, SLEEP’s primary goal is to ship textbooks and other educational resources to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has endured ten years of civil war and is ranked by the World Bank as the most destitute country in the world. Our program addresses the current dearth of learning materials so that more students will have access to educational opportunities and be able to acquire the proper training needed to help It is clear in the streets and in the parliaments that Africa is moving, rising.

There is passion in the voices of the entrepreneurs, growing interest and even excitement among the leadership of global companies, determination in the words of members of the diaspora, and optimism among Africa’s youth. Books have been collected from Duke University and University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, since 2008. The books were inclusive of several areas of study, including math, psychology, fiction, religious texts, etc.

During the summers of 2008, 2009, and 2010, relationships were built with several beneficiary organizations. SLEEP has reliable contacts at each of its beneficiary institutions, who will also be accountable for oversight activities once the books are distributed. Additionally, in 2010, SLEEP coordinated the shipment and delivery of a package of medical supplies from the University of California in San Diego to Sierra Leone’s College of Medicine and Allied Health Studies. Our partner organizations include: EducAid, Sierra Leone (the EducAid School in Freetown, as well as the school in Magbeni, which hosts the Women’s Project—a school for women of all ages who wish to acquire education); the College of Medicine and Allied Health Studies; the Bo School of Nursing; Njala University; the Institute of Public Administration and Management; Fourah Bay College; and Pademba Prison. For more info, contact us at

Technical College and Training

Training our students to be top software programmers is a sustainable contribution to long-term economic development. We focus our college in two countries — Sierra Leone, where our local staffers are based and Zambia, where we have established networks with private enterprises and the government. Sierra Leone has computer centers at major tertiary institutions, but there is still very little infrastructure in terms of equipment and consistent Internet access.Our college will provide donated computers and textbooks as well as instruction through online courses on programming mobile applications through Udacity, a courseware platform for technology professionals. Zambia has access to more technology infrastructure. It has been documented that up until 2007, there were over 4500 computers granted by trusts and funding to reach 300 schools in Zambia. The numbers have likely increased since 2007, but as the same report states, ICT literacy is quite low. A trained workforce within the technology sector will prepare Zambians to work for companies like Huawei, to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, or program software applications to meet the growing demand of mobile phone companies for local talent. A school and training center that provides the infrastructure and training will enable students to cultivate and capitalize on their talents. For more info, contact us at

Recycling the Curriculum Program

The Recycling the Curriculum Program aims to send books – from school districts and classes that no longer use them due to the availability of newer editions or a new curriculum – to Sierra Leone. If you’re an educator and your school or a school you know of is getting rid of its curriculum, please contact us at

The Debate Program

The S.L.E.E.P. Debate Program seeks to supplement the traditional educational model in Sierra Leone by incorporating the art of debate into the day-to-day curriculum of partner schools. Want to find out more? Contact us at

Pen Pal

We facilitate the shipping, handling, and distribution of educational materials from various donors across the domestic United States to underprivileged educational facilities and entities throughout Sierra Leone.

Let’s make a difference, together.

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